Interface Description:
  • Get the list of current orders
Request URL:
Request Mode:
  • POST
Parameter Required Type Description
apiKey true string ApiKey requested by the user
timeStamp true string Current timestamp
nonce true string Random 6-character string
sign true string signature of the requested parameter
coinFrom false string eos、vtc coin
coinTo false string btc、eth Trading range
type false integer 1: Buy, 2: Sell, return all when not passed
page false integer current page number
pageSize false integer Number of records per page Maximum 100
startTime false string Start timestamp
endTime false string End timestamp

How to sign for required parameter:

All parameter submitted by users except sign requires signature.

Firstly, sort signature strings in alphabetical order based on parameters (compare the first letter of all parameter, if they differ, then the string whose first letter comes earlier in the alphabet comes before the other string. If the first letters are the same, then the second letters are compared, and so on).

For example:Sign for the following parameter

timeStamp=1552641715&nonce=ue8jAx&apiKey=17919e05dc57d5d44dccdda03bdd6e2e&coin=usdt&address=1AG1gZvQAYu3WBvgg7p4BvvfNQD2gE693k&number=1000&sign=6932efc6aa44f7605e808bfaa98fd630 and add application secretKey (only needs value, parameter and ‘&” is not required.)

For example:secretKey=aQmE8U7bxj16KdJcSd3yX8F8Sakd8aO6LopnHXh27d4kWyb28PxcaTvGrajLDvAw

Signature string after splicing: timeStamp=1552641715&nonce=ue8jAx&apiKey=17919e05dc57d5d44dccdda03bdd6e2e&coin=usdt&address=1AG1gZvQAYu3WBvJJ7p4BMMfNQD2gE693k&number=1000aQmE8U7bxj16KdJcSd3yX8F8Sakd8aO6LopnHXh27d4kWyb28PxcaTvGrajLDvAw

Note,"sign" is a required parameter.

Lastly,use md5 32bit algorithm to apply signature algorithm to the parameter, and then generate final signature string (the string assigns value to parameter ‘sign’).

Example of Return Result:
    "status":200,  //status code successful
    "msg":"",      //message
                "id":"708279852",             //order id
                "price":"100.00000000",       //price
                "number":"10.0000",           //number
                "total":"0.0000000000000000", //total price of order
                "numberOver":"10.0000",       //unfilled amount
                "numberDeal":"0.0000",        //filled amount
                "flag":"sale",                //Trading type
                "status":0, // 0 not filled 1 partial filled 2 all filled 3: has been revoked
                "isNew":"N",                   //New order
                "coinFrom":"bz",               //The currency to be exchanged
                "coinTo":"usdt",               //Target exchange
    "time":1533280009,  //second timestamp
    "microtime":"0.07126400 1533280009",  //milliseconds timestamp
    "source":"api"  //source

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